About Us - Sicoma Indonesia Official Agent & Licensed Distributor - PT Karya Mandiri Anugerah Sicoma Mixers Indonesia Article

About Us - PT. Karya Mandiri Anugerah - sole agent of SICOMA MIXERS INDONESIA


Sicoma Mixers’ reputation as both a brand and a product is reliable and world acknowledged. PT. Karya Mandiri Anugerah is proud to be the only one official agent in Indonesia who handles all the sales, service and maintenance of Sicoma products.

We believe that in the end, the customers will learn that results speaks louder than any statements and promises. This is what made Sicoma mixers products exists for decades and keep fulfilling demands worldwide.

PT Karya Mandiri Anugerah Surabaya as the sole agent and sales representative of Sicoma mixer product in Indonesia runs the business of engineering and mechanical parts supply in Surabaya, serving cities such as Jakarta, Semarang, Bali, Sidoarjo, Gresik and even to remote islands in Indonesia. With years of experience and expertise in the engineering related business, PT. Karya Mandiri Anugerah has gained trust from noteable top infrastructure and contractor company in Indonesia to provide Sicoma Mixer products as the best machinery solution to produce quality concrete.

As a sole agent and principal of Sicoma mixer products in Indonesia, PT Karya Mandiri Anugerah is determined to provide reliable services, guaranteed quality and guaranteed availability for all Sicoma related hardware - mechanical - engineering in Indonesia.

For both retail and projects, we also serve all kinds of technical and engineering solutions with our extensive and comprehensive range of products and supplies. With trust from our customers in the industry of infrastructure building related, we have successfully introduce Sicoma Mixers as a reliable tools that is critical in order to have a timely and effective project completion.

Our Vision

Establish a perfect service for all mechanical, technical, manufacturing, and service industries needs and apply the same service standards with expansion of service coverage to major cities in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Being the first to respond to customer’s needs in the field of manufacturing, technical, process, by always consistently bring the company principles and business commitments in every activity and distinguish ourselves from the competitors by providing value added services that exceeds customer expectations.

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