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Tips on Cleaning SICOMA Mixers
Tips on Cleaning SICOMA Mixers

As we all know, SICOMA Mixers is the main engine in concrete mixing. To reach concrete production at any given time, you should select the appropriate machine. In addition, you must follow some rules when you use and clean SICOMA Mixers.

Cleaning SICOMA Mixers is indispensable. If you do not clean SICOMA Mixers, it will affect the quality of the concrete directly. Tip of cleaning concrete mixer is as follows:

1.You can use a chipper to clean the concrete mixer

2.When SICOMA Mixers finish working, you should put water and gravel into the mixing drum to clean SICOMA Mixers. After 10-15 minutes, clean the water and gravel. You must cut off power during the cleaning process.

3.You must clean SICOMA Mixers in fixed period. In the meantime, you should keep SICOMA Mixers on time, such as adding oil and lubricant.

4.If you have enough conditions, you should try your best to clean SICOMA Mixers every day.