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Parts Needed For Your SICOMA Mixers
Parts Needed For Your SICOMA Mixers

Stock warehouse SICOMA Mixers in Surabaya includes various components of spare parts. Parts can be ready to ship to you.

Spare parts stock at SICOMA Indonesia for various SICOMA Mixers and OMG and can provide suggestions on what you need now for the life of your Mixer machine. Fittings, fittings, nuts and bolts all the equipment you need are included with the parts ordered, our sales team will advise on the knowledge of each SICOMA Mixers OMG.

Most parts, including mixer sleeves, floor tiles, pullers, mixer walls, paddles, seals and much more are available now and can be delivered the next day.

Many of our components are available in a choice of NI-Hard or polypropylene steels. SICOMA Indonesia can help you decide which one is best for you to use. And SICOMA Indonesia keeps a bucket of Kleencrete, to help with the difficult clean job.


SICOMA Indonesia also has a variety of accessories that will help your mixer maintenance stay longer, such as:

•Pressure Washing Machine for Faster and Fuller Cleaning


•Extra Release Door

•Parachute Debit

•Suspension Mixer Column

•Water Vapor Probe