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SICOMA Concrete Mixers, Developer Mixer Mainstay
SICOMA Concrete Mixers, Developer Mixer Mainstay

If you have a business where you are responsible for pouring concrete regularly, you certainly want to do it in the most efficient way. You may be able to improve how to mix and pour concrete when you have SICOMA Concrete Mixers. There are so many choices, and everything suits your needs.

SICOMA Concrete Mixers owned by SICOMA Indonesia have a series of SICOMA planetary mixer and SICOMA twin shaft mixer. SICOMA Mixers is a versatile mixer that is not only used in concrete production industry, but also used in metallurgy industry, glass, ceramic, dry powder. And SICOMA Indonesia has professional technicians, salespeople, after-sales staff who have made a major breakthrough in SICOMA Mixers innovation. We have the most advanced technology, the best quality and perfect after-sale service. The cement mixer from our company is your best choice.

SICOMA Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer has MAO, MEO, MSO mode. They adopt a final multi-axle seal that can prevent the concrete mixture from leaking. They can be equipped with a mixer monitoring system that can monitor the working conditions of reducing gearboxes, exhaust pumps, lubricant pumps well.

SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer is suitable for mixing high purity concrete to be more evenly mixed. This is the best choice for building blocks and prefabricated industries. Compared with twin concrete mixers, it has a lower height that is easy to plan for batching plant allocations.

How Mixer Works

SICOMA Mixers are actually very easy to use. This can help people who do block work, precast, or ready mix, make the job of pouring concrete easier. SICOMA Mixers work by pouring a mixture of concrete, and the appropriate amount of water. It is able to force the concrete to completely absorb water. This will create a very liquid concrete slurry, and all aggregate particulate components will be well blended. This is what enables people to have a very strong concrete base, and this is what the Sicoma creators of our company will do for you.